How to Re-Instate the Quick Actions Links on the Dropbox Desktop App.

Dropbox Quick Actions
Dropbox Quick Actions

Sometimes the Quick Actions links aren’t shown in the right click menu on a file viewed from your Dropbox desktop app. When that happens, follow these simple steps to reinstate them:

  • Click on the Dropbox icon from your Desktop and quit the application
  • Open your Activity Monitor from your Mac Utilities folder
  • Organize the list alphabetically by clicking on the “Process Name” column header
  • Highlight all instances of Dropbox then click on the “x” icon to force quit
  • Click on the Apple icon in your desktop header
  • Click on “Force Quit”
  • Select Dropbox and click the Force Quit button
  • Relaunch your Applications folder
  • Double click on the Dropbox application to re-start it

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