Here are some samples of my design work. Click on the titles to view the samples. Where applicable, the programs I used are stated in bold.

Pages, Circa 2014. This flyer emphasizes price comparison and eye attention manipulation with strategically placed bright colors right near the price and phone number (blacked out).

Guitar Lessons Flyer

Pages, Circa 2013. National Human Resources Association (NHRA). This 2-page information sheet was created and sent to the NHRA affiliates to proved to event attendees and prospective members. A colorful piece that captures the essence of the organization and why their different.

NHRA Information Sheet

Pages, Circa 2013. National Human Resources Association (NHRA). This piece was sent to the NHRA affiliate chapter leaders to drive awareness of the retreat. It features branded colors and images, and showcases the meeting agenda. This document was emailed to the target audience and for some reason the room booking link, as a pretty url, wasn’t working on the recipients end but it was with the messy url you see here. Other than that little bug, I’m completely happy with the final result.

NHRA 2013 Leadership Retreat Invitation

Photoshop, Circa 2013. National Human Resources Association (NHRA). An eye catching banner ad with branded colors meant drive conversions in the form of clicks and webinar registrations. This ad was created to be placed on the website at

NHRA Webinar Banner Ad

Pages, Circa 2012. American Marketing Association (AMA). This is a straight forward information piece designed to attract new members.

AMA Information Flyer

Photoshop, Circa 2012. American Marketing Association (AMA). AMA Los Angeles (formerly SoCal AMA), the Los Angeles affiliate of the American Marketing Association, hosted an event to celebrate the 75th birthday of the organization. This poster was meant to incorporate all of the elements of the event.

AMA 75th Anniversary Poster

Pages, Circa 2012. This 5-page newsletter features students, courses, and other helpful information.

UCLA Extension New Student Newsletter

Photoshop, Circa 2011. This is an educational piece on how best to use some of the more popular social media platforms.

Social Primer

Pages, Circa 2011. This piece features the course content, and the instructor.

UCLA Extension Real Estate Bootcamp 1-Day Course Flyer

Photoshop, Circa 2011. This was a complicated piece. This was originally a page in a local magazine featuring Mr. Cooper (see original). I cut out the advertisements in the boxes on the right side, and added a course description and about section. Then I branded it to the necessary academic institution that offered the course (see edited). This piece was originally a PDF, and the “Add to Cart” button was dynamic and redirected the user to the registration page.

UCLA Extension Instructor Promotion for Marty Cooper – Original

UCLA Extension Instructor Promotion for Marty Cooper – Edited

Pages, Circa 2011. This 3-page newsletter showcases the Food and Wine courses at UCLA Extension, with strong emphasis on the institutions premier Restaurant Industry Conference.

UCLA Extension Food and Wine Newsletter

InDesign, Circa 2010. In early 2010, BCS hired me to design their company brochure. I created this front and back tri-fold in InDesign that features branded logos, colors, images, and company identity.

Benchmark Construction Services, Inc. Brochure

Apparel, Circa 2008. These polos featured the logo I designed for the University of New Mexico (UNM) collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). These were made and sold to chapter members to help build the brand and drive awareness of the chapter throughout the university.


Illustrator, Circa 2007-2008. These banners were created to showcase the logos that I designed for both of these student organizations at the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. Both of these organizations were either brand new, or being revived, so I branded them with specific logos.

UNM Student Organization ABR Logo

UNM Student Organization AMA Logo

Photoshop, Circa 2007. In Business School, I was part of a team in an Advertising Campaign course and we were tasked with creating a campaign for the 2008 Cadillac CTS. Our campaign was a rebrand to help Cadillac capture a younger professional demographic. Our campaign was appropriately titled, “The Next Step,” which was to position the CTS as the next step in life. I.e., School, Marriage, Job, 2008 Cadillac CTS. I had the idea for this concept while thinking about cars and what’s often written on them. I then remembered the rear view mirror text, and took a spin on that to capture the essence of our campaign, which I personally thought was clever.

2008 Cadillac CTS Billboard Ad