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Student to Founder

This book was pretty much all I thought about for 3 years solid. In fact, from idea to publication date, it was almost 3 years to the day. That was unplanned of course.

I had the idea for this book while sitting with my mother at a café in Santa Monica. It was early August of 2013 and I already had a wealth of leadership, marketing, and technology experience in my background.

It all started back in 2005 when I held a couple memberships in some Psychology and Sociology honors societies during my undergraduate tenure. It wasn’t until I got to Business School that I really blossomed as a student leader. I held a variety of VP and Presidential roles in a number of different student organizations. At which time, I even founded a premiere event [Anderson Club Challenge] that stimulated significant morale growth and external investment interest.

Further, during my postgraduate professional tenure, I held VP roles in a city affiliate chapter and a national executive board. I did some speaking gigs at notable universities and conducted some consulting for a well-known private university in Orange, CA.

See my LinkedIn profile for details.

While I enjoyed all of this, I knew I needed to offer something tangible to my market of entrepreneurial minded college students. This is when I had the idea for my book.

I want college students to learn how to be entrepreneurs while they’re in college so they know how to start businesses when they graduate.

My book, Student to Founder: Secrets to creating a student organization in college and starting a business after graduation covers a variety of strategies positioned to guide the college student through the process of running a business by way of starting and leading a successful student organization.

Here’s what’s inside:

This book is packed with tips including How To:

  • Network and introduce yourself
  • Find talent
  • Target your market
  • Register your business
  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Conduct strategy sessions
  • Monetize
  • Brand your business
  • Market your business and build awareness
  • Build and manage a secure website

And a whole lot more…

It can be confusing and complicated to think about all that’s needed in order to successfully launch a business. With my book, you can now avoid the headache and walk the paved road.

Grab a copy of my book and enjoy a smoother transition from academic leader to professional entrepreneur.

Already graduated? Perfect!

This book also acts as a helpful manual for budding entrepreneurs. Each section within this book is coupled with area related tips for those readers looking to start a business.

Current student or recent graduate, this book provides guidance both on how to create a student organization in college and how the process relates to starting a business after graduation.

Get a copy of my book and use it as a road map to help you get your idea off the ground.

You’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

Paperback or Kindle:

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Author: Patrick Greenough

I write and speak about marketing, leadership, and technology.

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