How to Exclude eBay Listings by Seller in Search

eBay is an incredibly valuable resource for buyers and sellers alike. Sometimes when we search, we may find that our search reveals literally hundreds of items from a single seller all listed at the same time. This happens frequently and is done for a number of reasons. Whatever the case, if you see this happening at regular intervals and would prefer not to scroll forever to see other listings, you can actually exclude a seller’s ID from your eBay search so that you don’t see his or her listings. Here’s how to do that:

  • From your My eBay homepage, find the Advanced link near your search bar.


  • On the next screen, find the section titled, Sellers. Click the check box for “Only show items from:,” then change the dropdown from Include to Exclude. Then enter the ID of the seller(s) whose auctions you’d prefer not to see in your search listings.


  • After that, go through the rest of the page and indicate your other preferential search parameters. When you’re finished, click, Search.
  • At the top of the search listings, click on, “Follow this search.”


  • Once clicked on the “Follow this search” option, your advanced search will be saved in your “Searches you follow” list for easy access in the future. You can edit your email notification preferences there too.

eBay Advanced Search searches

Author: Patrick Greenough

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