How To Repel Silverfish

Silverfish like to hang around dark and damp places. They like to feed on cardboard, clothing, sugar, and dead human cells i.e., hair, dandruff, etc. But they hate the smell of cedar. To keep them from eating your things, and damaging your valuables, try this simple trick:

1. Buy a pack of Cedar Wood Shavings.

How to Repel Silverfish







2. Buy Lingerie Laundry Bag(s)

How to Repel Silverfish









3. Fill the Lingerie Laundry Bag(s) with the Cedar Wood Shavings

How to Repel Silverfish

4. Put these filled bags in places where silverfish may lurk, such as inside closets, underneath beds, and in bookshelves or filing cabinets.

This strategy is great because these bags expel the subtle but effective sent of cedar without the mess, and they are easy to relocate and store.

Author: Patrick Greenough

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