WordPress Website Training: Implementation (Class 1)

This is part I of my 3-part WordPress Training Series. All strategies shared can be used immediately!

The thought of building a website can be really overwhelming. I’ve been there. When I started working in the WordPress environment back in July of 2010, I made all kinds of mistakes.

For the first two years, I pulled my hair out trying to figure out things like:

  • How to migrate from .com to .org
  • Why my site got hacked and how to fix and prevent it from happening again
  • Working with code and how to make custom tweaks to my site
  • How to regain access to the admin dashboard
  • and so much more…

I tracked all of my pitfalls and their associated solutions and I want to share the knowledge with you!

My course is designed to teach you how to avoid common pitfalls associated with building a website in WordPress.

Join me for part I of my WordPress Training package. In this class, we cover Implementation, which includes:

Types of Web Hosting Services; WordPress.com vs WordPress.org; Configuring Emails; Understanding FTP; Managing Users; Installing your CMS, and using Plugins; Maintaining Website Health; Avoiding Vulnerabilities; Lean Functionality; Monetization; Keyword Research (SEO); Web Analytics, and Branding.

Content will be delivered in a traditional lecture format complete with slides and dialogue. Be sure to take notes. You won’t want to miss this!




Author: Patrick Greenough

I write and speak about marketing, leadership, and technology.

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